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A new home.
If anyone wonders where the hell I've been,
I've been keeping a (more public) blog over at
I would love it if you guys checked it out. 
It's a little flashier than this one, a little more opinion-column-oriented.
In addition to writing new entries, I'm moving some of my old favorites from this blog over to that one.

For a while I flirted with the notion of updating both blogs simultaneously, but it's kind of a pain in the ass.
This LJ has been my home for a good 7 years. It wouldn't feel right to stop updating it.
So I've decided to keep this blog for more intensely personal entries. Stuff I wouldn't want my mom reading.
ie expect a lot of very emo updates here. And maybe some sex stories. 'CAUSE I HAVE SO MANY OF THOSE.

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LOL You crack me up. And I would greatly miss you here if you left. I hope you will update your personal schtuff with enough frequency to satisfy your future journal-reading when you're 90 or so. No matter how few sex stories, you'll appreciate them then. ;)

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