This stain on the carpet, this drink in my hand.


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Wolf on the floor laughing.

I'm about 60% sure a woman was 
howling like a wolf outside my house 
in the early hours of this morning.

This is far more likely than a real wolf.

60% strange woman, 38% my mind playing tricks, 
2% a real wolf. Banshee? 
WOMHH: Wolf outside my house, howling

WOFL: tasty breakfast snack.

Wolfle: German wolf waffle. Werewaffle.
Luftwaffle. Auschwolf. Wolf War II.

That would be the best movie ever.

Maybe this morning was where 
it all kicked off, air raid sirens howling.
Waffle in schlep’s clothing. 

Now fireworks, or explosions.

Build a bunker. Build-A-Bear 
at the same time to keep your mind 
off the calamity.

I might join forces with the wolves.

You can’t lose. 
I need bigger teeth.

OK, I need wolfier teeth. Fangs for the music.


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